When managing a company’s relationship and interactions with customers or sales prospects, it is imperative that an organized and well-regulated strategy is adopted. Sales process have to be synchronized with finding and attracting clients on reduced marketing costs and gain profits. Implementing a strategy requires a critical analysis of client needs and building a relationship with them. Mindsoft has developed CRM software to meet an enterprise’s sales automation and a fully integrated customer management. The software is designed to assist business in managing sales force to manage leads and maximize sales. Mindsoft’s CRM software adopts a personalized approach in communication with prospects. With customizable email templates and automated production of documents, the software application facilitates day-to-day sales processes, making on-time follow up alerts and convert cold calls into prospects. Deals can be tracked, captured and closed in less time, allowing the sales team to focus on making sales and converting leads to deals.


With Mindsoft’s CRM software, you are always provided with an up-to-date overview of all the business process in your organization. Sales flow is constantly monitored and the number of leads gained or lost efficiently tracked. Prospects can be contacted and regular intervals through consistent and conclusive follow ups and deals closed in least time.
  • Personalized e-mail template system
  • Optimize communication with prospects
  • Efficiently minimize the sales loop
  • Exhaustive reports with sales statistics
  • Develop futuristic marketing strategies
  • On-time follow-up alerts.
  • Assured Security
  • Transform enquiries to valued customers
  • Easily manage daily activities
  • Automate the production of documents
  • Robust activity reports