A web based Human Resources Management System for easing HR personnel tasks from recruitment and talent management, to employee performance appraisals and training management. All of this in addition to serving as the employee self service portal for the company or organization.
A resourceful ERP Solution specially designed to suit the requirements of non-manufacturing small and medium sized enterprises (SME). The system is designed to seamlessly link all departments within a company, to provide a comprehensive view of the entire operation.
MindsoftERP is designed to improve both external customer relationships and internal collaborations by automating tasks and activities. The solution is par ticularly designed in a company-wide computer software system to manage and coordinate all its resources, information, and functions of the organisation. MindsoftERP provides the most ecient method for processing all the rm’s transactions and data in a real time mode.
An aesthetically designed Document Management System, to organize and handle your company and employee documents; with key features like alerts prior to document expiry, document inventory and customizable reports.
A ready-to-use Payroll Management Software with versatile features like company, work, time and pay policies; time attendance compatible with major access control devices, multiple-currency conversion and operation, automated loan processing, multiple payment modes with customizable reports and pay slip generation.
Built to meet the specifications of a driving school, this powerful software allows you to schedule and track appointments of your entire office based on access card, specify time slots, generate various kinds of reports and more.
A unique web-based Sales Work-flow Management Software that provides exhaustive reports and sales statistics, on-time follow-up alerts, personalized email templates, and efficiently automates sales-related work flow. Comes with a real time reporting system that will enable sales managers to track sales executives.
A highly secure Centralized File Repository with document expiry alerts, version control, document transfer, optimized search, role defined document retrieval, as well as print, export and scan functions. A practical solution for professionals like lawyers, chartered accountants and consultants.
Designed to meet the various aspects of client's food and accommodation, this intuitive software comes with features to track availability of rooms, bookings, the number of occupants and more