Mobile Application Development refers to the development of application softwares for hand-held devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants etc. These applications can be installed during manufacture, downloaded from a mobile software distribution platform, or suitable web applications delivered over HTTP with users server-side or client-side processing. These days, enterprises focus more on developing mobile and wireless solutions for improved performance and increased productivity. Mindsoft’s Mobile Application Development is modeled to deliver technology solutions that help meet business objectives and real time mobility. User access solutions can be accessed for enterprise resources.


  • Individual & combined Mobile application development
  • Personal Accounting solution for Android OS
  • Can be integrated with all applications that require mobile related functionality.
  • Alerts on important information in the application such as dates, new entries and goals.

Our team at Mindsoft is technically skilled in developing customizable mobile applications for major mobile operating systems. The application gives the agility needed to meet the changing demands and manage secure access to mobile data and services.