In recent years the roles of HR departments have evolved from employee management to strategic planning and resourcing. Organizations have come to stress the importance of the intricacies of people management, or Human Resource management. The roles of HR departments are fast evolving from employee management to strategic planning and resourcing. A key role in strategic human resources management is played by new generation Human resource Management Systems.

Mindsoft’s HR Management Software is unique in that with integrated HR document management and payroll system for handling the complete HR lifecycle


Organizations use a vast amount of data regarding their business operations and personnel for daily functioning. Modules for classifying and utilizing such information are an inherent component of our HR management software. The system manages all information related to the organization and fundamental for payroll processing, such as
  • Company & employee information
  • User defined Policy
  • Organizational hierarchy
  • Duty Roaster
  • Salary advance and incentive processing
  • Company & Employee document handling
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Employee recruitment
  • Payroll management
  • Dynamic auto attendance system
  • Accurate calculation of leave accruals
  • End-to-End final settlement


The ‘home’ page offers a one-stop view of all activities within the network, and serves as the activity dashboard. In short, the ‘home’ page will display:
  • Announcements
  • Messages
  • Pending requests
  • Pending tasks
  • Pending approvals
  • Company calendar
  • Expiry alerts
  • Current vacancies
  • Recent activity
  • New Hires


Employee satisfaction is a fundamental aspect affecting employee performance. Integral to employee satisfaction is employee self management. The ESS module allows employees to submit specific virtual applications. Users can do the following:
  • View employee profile and employee documents
  • Leave requests & approval
  • Loan requests & approval
  • Expense request and approval
  • Salary advance requests & approval
  • Transfer requests & approval
  • Travel requests & approval
  • Visa & other documents requests & approval
  • Other general requests and approval


Accelerating the growth of an organization requires having the right people in place with the right skills and experience. In addition to which the module has:
  • Vacancy posting & publishing
  • Online approval and task assignment
  • Short listing of candidates
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Interview processing
  • Offer letters
  • Direct incorporation of new hires as new employee
  • Visa-Ticket processing


  • Manage employee profile
  • Define employee salary structure and track history
  • View user defined policy
  • Easy search & view, print,email of all employee details


  • Total management of documents like Passport, Visa, Labor Card, Driving Licenses etc
  • Expires are reminded through pop-ups and emails
  • Quick Saving, Retrieving and Reporting of unlimited number of documents of any type related to company, employees, clients, vendors etc
  • Information regarding the Company and Employee can be accessed with a single user friendly navigator
  • Movements of documents can be tracked through Document Inventory
  • Filtering of Employee data is ensured with default company concept


Unique payroll processing system with exceptional features for integrating all your complex and exhaustive pay related activities using a simple, user-friendly interface.
  • Tracks employee pay structure and hivstory
  • Implementation of company policies
  • Asset handover and management
  • Document handling and expiry alerts
  • Configuring daily routine for employees
  • Export of salaries/wage slips to various formats
  • Holiday calendar and entitlement rates with holiday carryover facility
  • Links on-site and off-site attendance
  • Define variable working patterns for a group of employees or an individual employee
  • User defined unlimited types of earnings & benefits
  • Facilitates company profit-center wise salary processing
  • Worksheet calculations enabled
  • Tracks employee transfers
  • Aesthetically appealing user interface design
  • Concurrent Management of Multiple Shifts
  • Hundreds of Predefined Reports
  • Supports WPS(Wages Protection System) transactions
  • Easy-view flowcharts


Employee performance requires assessment from time to time, and performance management is vital to Human Resources management. This module allows HR personnel to:
  • Conduct evaluations (annual & periodic)
  • Assign evaluation tasks to managers
  • Take evaluation-based actions
  • Incorporate actions as results in payroll

Additional Features

Employee performance requires assessment from time to time, and performance management is vital to Human Resources management. This module allows HR personnel to:
  • Multiple templates
  • Support multiple company information
  • Filtered HRMS reports
  • Compatible with all mail providers
  • Multi browser compatibility
  • Security Features
  • User specific permissions
  • Role based access and control
  • Compatible with browser firewall
  • Customizable software configuration