In an ideal world, project planning would be the major task and project execution would be a few clicks with your mouse from start to finish. Unfortunately this is not the case in the real world. New and modified products must be ready from a technological and operational standpoint, before installation and operational use. This is achieved by carrying out the project planning process followed by the project execution process. A successful project execution process will see to it that a new or modified product is ready from a technological and operational point of view. To make sure that everyone understands and carries out their responsibilities, the Project Execution Plan should clearly define the roles, responsibilities and authorities. It should set out the mechanisms and procedures concerning the quality and reporting. Finally, the PEP should cover the major schedules and budgets of the project and resources applicable to it. Our unique project execution methodologies were framed and continuously refined from our utility project execution experience; and allows us to smoothly handle project execution in a multi-vendor project environment within the specified timelines and within budget.