Competitive pressures and the high costs of software maintenance force many organizations to carefully analyze and redesign their maintenance processes. Inadequate process and implementation design may cause significant financial loss as just the proposed design may be subject to risks of failure. The solution providers must evaluate strategies from the customer's perspective. Companies may be cheated by third parties when they approach them for maintenance purposes which will never be worth the investment. Without maintenance contracts every company will have to face the problem of budget control and extra service charges will have to be met. Many of Mindsoft's customers believe that it is worth their investment as we ensure unlimited on-site repairs, first priority emergency service calls, insulation from part price increases and unlimited use of our Technical Support Center. However, we realize that one service contract may not be a good fit for every customer. So we've broadened our contract offerings to better suit the diversity of the customers that we serve. Our customers are pleased with our emergency response and the quality of our deliverance as we understand the value of their time.