A detailed and comprehensive Inventory Management System helps to track and maintain reports of the products sold and received by a company and track its stock levels. For an optimal inventory management process, it is vital for an organization to employ a reliable system with highly efficient functionalities. Minimum stock level, reorder level and maximum stock point are computed by means of particular averaging formulae. The data is retrieved from barcodes or other automatic identification of inventory objects, thereby avoiding unnecessary investment, out of stock conditions etc. The system generally helps in adding, modifying, reviewing or deleting information in the database, generate reports, sales and purchase orders and invoices pertaining to stock. On the whole, it facilitates automation of processes for sales, inventory and purchase management.

Benefits of our Inventory Management System

  • Enables easy configuration of information pertaining to company, suppliers, customers, employees, warehouses etc.
  • Quick generation of Sales and Purchase transactional documents like Requests, Quotations, Orders, Invoice, GRN, Credit note etc.
  • Multiple currency operation feature enabling conversion of one currency to any other.
  • Monitors stock levels, costs etc.
  • Fully customizable Invoice templates allowing you to manage your own invoice, unique to your company.
  • Records information about items received or sold.
  • Supports various costing methods (LIFO, FIFO etc).
  • Data protection through database backup and restoration.
  • Timely alerts via Emails and SMS regarding stock levels, sales/purchase orders etc.
  • Computation of discounts if available.
  • Multiple user-access and user-defined rights possible.
  • Automated calculation of payments, expenses, tax, discounts etc.
  • Company, customer, employee, stock and other related information in a single user-friendly navigator.
  • Seasonal offers involving product grouping, i.e. associated items free on purchase of certain products.
  • E.g. Free DVD player with LCD TV.
  • Provides alerts for all important things in the application like dates, new
  •      entries and goals.
Mindsoft’s Smart Trade is a specialized Inventory Management System that systematizes your organization’s sales and purchase transactions and encompasses advanced stock control functions to streamline your business processes.