An industry that deals in hospitality would always aim at providing customers with a personalized environment, while increasing its profits. Regardless of its size, the hospitality business can run smoothly with reduced costs by employing a precise and detailed software solution that adequately suits its management style. Mindsoft has developed a handy Camp Management System, capable of handling multiple groups by administering their food and accommodation in a systematic method. This user-friendly software also provides a paperless solution to your transactions, allowing you to generate unlimited number of reports and invoices that outline detailed summaries of your client data.
Benefits of our Camp Management System

Efficient Camp Management

Our team at Mindsoft is technically skilled in developing customizable mobile applications for major mobile operating systems. The application gives the agility needed to meet the changing demands and manage secure access to mobile data and services.

Facilitates Room and Mess Allocation

Client preferences of rooms and mess can vary. When a large number of clients is to be managed, it is necessary to follow a systematic approach to ensure each client’s needs are met. Mindsoft’s CamPlus makes it easy to allot rooms and messes depending upon their vacancy and period of stay. The application also features unique swipe cards that can be issued to clients.

Track Items Issued and Parcel Delivery

Mindsoft’s CamPlus tracks and maintains detailed records on the items issued to clients during their stay and facilitates in systematic parcel delivery as per client requirements. CamPlus incorporates all aspects to meet a client’s food and accommodation. This sophisticated software application allows you to methodically track and manage your clients stay, bookings, allocate mess based on personal preferences, generate reports and invoices etc accurately. Camplus standardizes your camp management so you can serve your clients better.