Where large networks are concerned, software distribution takes a heavy toll on the network administrator's time and resources. When the job demands moving around and attending to each system individually; productivity is affected. This is where remote software installation comes to the aid of network administrators who are crunched for time. The practice of purchased software connecting directly to servers, run by the companies which created it, has ushered in new ways of combating the problem of software piracy.

We assist you in automating the deployment of your servers and reduce time required for set up from hours to literally minutes. With our deployment solutions, you can easily and remotely change TCP/IP configurations; host names, domain memberships, and more, all with a right-click of your mouse.

These provisions are provided automatically saving you a lot of time and money. We also ensure security by restricting access to console functions and managed systems with our security solutions. Advanced automation and customized scripting of your deployment are also seamlessly enabled with our solutions.

So whether it's support for server-side scripting or conditional error handling, Mindsoft provides unparalleled task management.