Document handling activities can take hours and important information can be misplaced in the process, resulting in reduced productivity and legal issues. All these problems can be easily avoided with a Document Management System. Our Document Managing System is a comprehensive and flexible software solution, capable of handling a number of company and employee related documents. It facilitates document management work-flows by employing advanced technology that can be customized to suit client requirements to provide diverse cost benefits.

Document & Expiry handling

  • Complete document management system with control of expiry.
  • Scans and retrieves documents like Passport, Visa, Labor Card, Health card, Driving licenses, Insurance or any other documents with expiry.
  • Reminds expiries through pop-ups, e-mails and mobiles SMS alerts.
  • One touch scan and view of any documents.
  • Saves and retrieve unlimited number of documents of any type related with company, employees, clients, vendors etc. in a fast and efficient way.

Saving, Retrieving & Reporting

  • Revolutionary single window access to all Information through MyVisafriend™ MyNavigator.
  • Data import from Excel, Access and SQL database.
  • Alert and Report through Email and SMS.
  • Document Inventory to view movements of documents.
  • All Employee, Company, Group Company and Branch Information in a single user friendly navigator.
  • Futuristic Report Explorer creates any report you like in less than a minute.
  • Default company concept ensures filtering of Employee data.
  • Copy and paste reports to Microsoft Excel.
  • Create multiple user logins and assign rights to users. User Interface features
  • Exotic and aesthetical perfection in User Interface designs.
  • Dockable My Window features timely alerts of immediate renewals before expiry dates.
Our Document Management System provides a complete solution to all your document handling problems. The system can be operated in SMES, and lead to high gains and productivity by improving organizational management and procedures.