Today, the need for security has become an unavoidable aspect in any organization. Numerous business face threats to their company or monetary assets, as well as, to individuals. To promote a safe working environment, it is recommended that we apply advanced methods offering practical solutions. An Access Control Device is used to restrict entry to personnel or other authorized individuals, and keep assets and facilities safe. Mindsoft has developed a product that in addition to restricted access and security, the device is designed to feature other technological functions such as, time attendance, access through web-services etc. These devices can be installed to secure and restrict access through electronically controlled doors. They can then be configured to identify individuals through fingerprint reading, retina scan, swipe card etc. An ideal Access Control Device will include the following features:

  • Support Multiple Access Control Devices for managing restricted access to users and employees
  • Track user and employee attendance
  • Live updates of attendance & user access through web services
  • Import device punching from excel and CSV files.
  • Live updates on device data
  • Support various access control devices such as ACTAtek, HandPunch, FingerTech, ColorScreen, FingerTech etc
  • Easy integration with applications that require Access Control functionality
  • Alerts on important information in the applications such as dates, new entries, goals etc.

Mindsoft’s Access Control Device is modeled and perfected to support a secure entry by means of pre-defined authentication, while also providing accurate records on time and attendance schedules. With its advanced management controls, organizations are provided with the opportunity to create and deploy various device policies based on which data is stored and maintained.